Ferrara is was part of the powerful Duchy of Este. It developed into a artistic centre with an European level university during the Renaissance period. Here Ludovico Ariosto, Torquato Tasso, Copernicus, Paracelsus, the painters Mantegna and Titian were studied. Then arriving by boat from Via del Gorgadello, today's Via Adelardi, the oldest wine shop in the world "Hostaria del Chiucchiolino" which is now called "Il Brindisi". The wine-growing area of Ferrara DOC Bosco Eliceo, between the delta of the Po and the mouth of the Rhine. It is characterized by vines that grow in sandy soils where the main grape is Fortana. The vineyards on the coast raised on sandy bumps have survived the phylloxera unscathed and are therefore frankly without American rootstocks.